New Sermon Series!

We spent the first 4 months of this year studying the life of Jesus in our series "Walking As Jesus Walked".  This past Sunday, we began a new series on Prayer, because if we want to walk as Jeuss walked, we must learn to pray as Jesus prayed!

Prayer is one of the most vital elements in our spiritual health, both individually and corporately.  But prayer doesn't have to be intimidating or complex- this past week we saw how Pete Greig encouraged us to Keep it Simple, Keep it Real, and Keep it Up!  

I highly encourage you to all check out the books "How To Pray" and "God On Mute" by Pete Greig.  "How To Pray" is a wonderfully approachable and applicational book about what prayer is and how to have a healthy prayer life.  "God On Mute" is a powerfully authentic look at some of the frustrating struggles we all have in prayer.  These are not only great resources for your prayer life, but reading them will also help you dig deeply into the topics we are discussing at church family.  

Please know that we want to pray with you and for you about whatever is going on in your life!  You can submit a prayer request or praise report *here*.  

Live Grace, Love Pagosa
By Jesus' power,

Pastor Joey

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